4593 3 n-propyl phenol

35 kg of 3 n-propyl phenol required.  It is thought to be an odour component for tsetse fly control.  UK company has raised this enquiry through a regional chemical cluster – but the product is used overseas (and may be formulated overseas).  

SORIS found a supplier: manufacture is underway.

4588 Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy

“A solution seeking a problem”. Four Delta Consulting Ltd is collaborating with Mott Medallist Professor Peter Weightman of the Department of Physics, University of Liverpool in seeking industrial applications for Reflectance Anisotropy Spectroscopy (RAS). This spectroscopic technique can provide an exceptionally sensitive probe of surfaces and for materials on surfaces (see www.liv.ac.uk/~sc35/RAS.htm) . Peter seeks funding from the University Knowledge Transfer Account to equip a laboratory with a custom-built spectrometer (not yet available commercially) and resident expert operator to provide a service free-of-charge to industry. Expressions of support have been given by Unilever Research and Development, Shell, and Element 6 (an off-shoot of de Beers). Professor Weightman’s initiative will be of interest to any company working with surfaces.
Please respond to kenneth.rabone@fourdelta.co. uk

Classification Labelling and Packaging

Table 3.2 of Annex VI of CLP Regulation was thought to be a straightforward “cut and paste” from Annex I of the Dangerous Substance Directive. It is not. Companies should verify carefully the status of their substances under Annex VI, Table 3.2.The UK Competent Authority promises to be pragmatic and proportionate in dealing with this issue.

EU Import Duty Suspensions

European Commission has listed a further 59 chemicals which will be allowed into the EU duty free from 1 July 2010 More information, and the proposed and existing suspensions, can be found at www.berr.gov.uk//whatwedo/europeantrade/importing-into-uk/duty-suspensions-quotas/page23164.html
If you are affected, contact Neil Harvey at CIA