Maximising the value of your Intellectual property

A recent Materials KTN presentation offered a method for identifying and recording “intellectual capital” (i.e. more than patents and trademarks and including intangible items).
A case study showed how composites technology plus telemetry from F1 motor racing had combined in a lucrative opportunity supplying lockable manhole covers for the London Olympics.

Contact details available from SORIS.

COSHH Risk Assessments

COSHH365 is a software and Internet wizard to help companies with COSHH risk assessments. It is not a substitute for the judgement of a health & safety manager, but seems to offer a considerable lifting of the administrative burdens of that post. It also prepares consistent and visually arresting documents. Notably it works with CHIP and CLP.

Contact SORIS for further information/introductions.

Technology Strategy Board Collaboration Nation

TSB held a showcase event in London on 30 March including case studies and 2-minute innovation pitches to stimulate interactions and partnerships between SMEs. [The sub-text was that UK economy desperately needs good, money-making ideas. This event provided a context in which such ideas might be sparked.]

Some of the presentations alluded to problems of material supply and functionality – offering opportunities for chemical companies to enter unfamiliar markets. SORIS will make selected connections between conference delegates and SORIS subscribers.