Chemicals in Emerging Applications

A multi-client study is proposed to determine the opportunities to supply chemicals
and base materials in the emerging market for Printed Electronics devices and components.

The study is likely to answer such questions as:

Which applications are important and have the most growth potential?
Which applications will require what chemicals and materials?
What is the demand for chemicals and base materials to 2015 and beyond ?
Who are the key players in the emerging value chain?
What opportunities exist to form partnerships and alliances?

The output would be a written report supported by detailed feedback sessions.

Any SORIS subscribers wishing to be one of the commissioning clients, and to shape the consultants’ brief, should contact me in the first instance.

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The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) is the quango charged with encouraging industrial science and technology for economic benefit. It operates through 2 dozen or so Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs), each specialising in a modern industry or technology and helping companies with aspects of product and market development.

The Chemistry Innovation KTN serves chemical manufacturers (and others) – but most of the other KTNs (materials, electronics, environment, built environment, sensors and instruments, and even creative industries) depend upon high value chemistry to deliver their effects and products.

The KTNs talk to their constituencies through meetings and a massive website _CONNECT ( all SORIS companies are encouraged to register on the site. Each of the KTNs has multiple Groups and Sub-Groups; SORIS searches these locations for business opportunities and connections for SORIS subscribers, but needs its members’ help to prioritize areas of greatest interest.

SORIS subscribers should email me to identify their “wish-list” market areas or to confirm the technologies which underpin their offering. Non-subscribers looking for new markets should also contact me.