Innovate 10, a Personal View

Another glossy show – but too many people to network effectively.

The keynote speakers were predictable – “innovation is good”, “Government support is available”.

The workshops produced some memorable sound-morsels (not as big as sound-bites) – “a bunch of well-connected idiots can be much more effective that a lone mad-scientist with an astronomical IQ”, “printed electronic tattoos” and (from the digital people at TSB) a participative card game which posits 2 data collections and an application area (all picked at random) and invites teams to suggest a new product or service. The exercise stretched the imagination and generated a mix of hilarious and halfway usable ideas. It is a methodology which should be compulsory for all KTNs.

ECHA Announcements

ECHA will soon charge an administrative fee for incorrect registrations.
An electronic check tool is available at to enable companies to verify their SME status.

A separate Fee Calculation plug-in (downloadable to IUCLID from is available registrants to calculate, in advance, the fee payable on the successful submission of their REACH dossier to ECHA.