Nanotechnology Supply Chain Forum

CIA has launched the Nanotechnologies Supply Chain Forum  in response to the growing pressures on industry to innovate

The Forum is open to all industrial and non-industrial stakeholders with an interest in establishing the right regulatory framework for the successful and safe commercialisation of nanotechnologies in the UK. It provides the perfect vehicle for networking and sharing of good practice.

Register your interest at

Bribery Act 2011

The Bribery Act comes into force on 1 April.  It probably moves the boundary between “acceptable” and “lavish” entertainment, but more seriously, exposes companies to risks of which they had been unaware.  Many legal firms, and some trade associations,  are offering one-day briefings on the Act (from free to £75!).  It is worth ensuring that someone from your company attends a briefing (and reports back!).