ECHA to publish names of registrants

ECHA has announced it will publish more information from registration dossiers. Following a legal interpretation by the European Commission Services and advice from its Management Board, ECHA will disseminate certain information that is contained in the safety data sheet – which includes the name of the registrant and the registration number.

Registrants of hazardous substances can claim confidentiality to protect their commercial interests, provided they give a valid justification and pay the corresponding fee. To do so, they will need to update their IUCLID registration dossier and submit it to ECHA through REACH-IT; ECHA will then assess the confidentiality claim. Note that for non-hazardous substances the names of registrants will only be published on a voluntary basis.

More detailed information from ECHA on this extension to the dissemination process, the timing involved and on how to claim confidentiality is not yet available.


CIA is trying to establish how many  companies manufacture or use substances registered (or to be registered) as intermediates and whether the changes introduced by the ECHA guidance of December 2010 are affecting them. It is conducting a short survey (at For further information about the changes please contact Silvia at