Sensors Technology Innovation Centre

The Technology Strategy Board plans to launch at least three new Technology Innovation Centres (TICs). There are ten candidate areas, of which Sensor Systems is one. The successful TICs will attract significant investment over the next five years.

A workshop on 15 July will try to find, from potential users and key stakeholders what opportunities a Sensor Systems TIC could unlock for the UK, and the level of business commitment and support for a TIC in this area.

Please register your interest in attending the workshop by completing an online questionnaire (at by 6th July. ESP KTN will tell you if you have been allocated a place by 8th July. Given the limited number of places, a balance of organisations and sectors is sought.

If you cannot attend the workshop, but would still like to contribute, please complete the questionnaire online.

How can we make molecules in DAYS not YEARS?

Dial-a-Molecule is a Grand Challenge network funded by EPSRC to promote research aimed at step change in the ability to deliver molecules quickly and efficiently.  More information can be found  at .

Until now the network has organised a series of meetings that developed the initial ideas of Dial-a-Molecule into focus areas. They cover topics spanning from the use of technology (both hardware and software), the development of new reactions and methods (such as one-pot synthesis), and driving chemical transformation up to the creation of catalytic systems capable of processing multiple synthetic operations.

A “Focusing our efforts” advisory group  lead by Chemistry Innovation,  is a place for industrialists to meet and guide the development of Dial-a-Molecule in order to maximise commercial return. It also facilitates  crucial two-way flow of information between academia and industry.

Now, Dial-a-Molecule is organising  meetings to  develop community-inspired collaborations. Dates are:

7-8 July 2011 at AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, Cheshire, on Selectivity, Sustainability, Predictability: Multi-Disciplinary Issues for 21st Century Catalysis

and 28-29 July 2011 at University of Southampton, on The Smart Laboratory: Towards a national ELN

For more information on the Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge please consult the website at or contact the network coordinator at