UKTI is going to showcase the UK’s engineering and chemicals expertise and capability linked to sports in the next calendar year and beyond.  One method is by using short examples where UK engineering and chemicals companies/organisations are supplying into sports, sports equipment, sports infrastructure (e.g. materials or instrumentation used in measurement and timing etc), sports medicine etc, especially where the examples are high-tech, unexpected and/or intriguing.

Please suggest any such such examples to: and copy to Roisin McClory with the following information

  • Your name and contact details
  • The company/organisation name
  • The sporting connection/application – stressing the innovation or leading/unexpected technology being applied and bringing out any intriguing/newsworthy aspect in a short description
  • Is the example already written up (e.g. on the company website or in literature) do you know? And are you aware of the existence of any visual material (photographs, diagrams, film) that accompanies the story?
  • The company contact details
  • REACHReady 2013 SIEF survey

    Experience from 2010 registrants showed that you cannot start preparing for a registration deadline early enough and 2013 is no exception. However, the only public mechanism for assessing the collective progress being made towards the next deadline is when a Lead Registrant has been nominated and when a substance has been successfully registered. As there are quite a few other key stages on the path to a successful registration, REACHReady is keen to find out what the spread of activity looks like in SIEFs where the deadline for the earliest registration is 30 May 2013.

    REACHReady would like anyone who is involved in a SIEF working towards a 2013 registration deadline to complete a short questionnaire. REACHReady will analyse the responses and report on the results early in 2012. The survey will close in mid December.

    REACHReady will use the results of the survey to assess progress being made, to find out if the same sticking points that were identified in the 2009 and 2010 SIEF surveys have materialised again and to see what more REACHReady can do to help.

    Find the survey at