Sustainable Chemistry 2011

UNIDO has published the proceedings of a Joint International Conference on Sustainable Chemistry in October 2011.  It can be found at  Although the goal of the conference was to “support sustainable chemistry strategies”  it sounds as though the outputs demand further legislation against the chemical industry.

Rio +20 Zero Draft

A United Nations conference on Sustainability (Rio + 20) will take place in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012.  Ahead of the 2nd Earth Convention UN has released a first draft resolution (called Zero Draft) whcih highlights chemicals and waste as areas for further focus.  The Zero Draft can be found at:

There is a seeming assumption that chemicals are intrinsically evil;  you must supply your trade associations with the evidence to prove otherwise.

Classification and Labelling Inventory

The EC has published an inventory of chemicals for classification and labelling purposes.  The press release hails this as a benefit to users of chemicals, seeking safer raw materials.  The database is searchable – not downloadable – and for substance “hits” provides quite a lot of information.  However  the facility should probably be used only by chemical professionals.

Start at and follow the links.


Details of the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) have been published by ECHA – with a list of 90 substances for further investigation by Competent Authorities in Member States.  Details at

13 further substances have been added to the SVHC list (Substances of Very High Concern).  Details are at and companies have until 12 April 2012 to post their comments on-line to ECHA.