Opportunity to join the CIA Future Forum

Message from Joanne Lyall,  SCI Executive Director

The Chemical Industries Association runs the Future Forum, a network for people working in chemical-related businesses located in the UK, who are at the early stage of their career and are keen to broaden their skills and ultimately voice their opinions on behalf of the UK chemical industry.

CIA is opening the forum up to early career stage members of  SCI to participate so, if you, or early career colleagues in your organisation, wish to take advantage of this opportunity, contact nunkool@cia.org.uk.

You can get involved by joining the Future Forum Linkedin network and Facebook.  CIA will then include you in the distribution list for the Future Focus monthly newsletter and invite you to relevant events designed for their early career members.

There is no charge to join the forum and this is a great opportunity for SCI and CIA Early Career members to expand their networks and benefit from more peer support while contributing ideas and influence to help to improve the future of the chemical sector.

Please  pass this on to your early career colleagues.

Nano and Biotechnology for Healthcare

UKTI Barcelona are now recruiting UK companies within the life sciences sector for their “Nano and Biotechnology for Healthcare” event on 10 July at the British Consulate in Barcelona.

Renowned for clinical research and human health and excelling in areas such as cardiovascular, oncology and nanomedicine, the Barcelona region boasts 400 research groups, 17 science and technology parks, 12 universities and 13 hospitals plus a rapidly growing number of biotechnology and chemical-pharmaceutical companies doing research on, or using, nanotechnology in their processes.

Details at http://www.ukti.gov.uk/pt_pt/uktihome/item/311180.html?goback=%2Egde_3620080_member_118495632 or contact Tomorrow the World Ltd

REACH and CLP Enforcement

As REACH and CLP implementations progress, more visible enforcement of the regulations is expected.

REACHReady and the Chemical Industries Association (CIA) would like to monitor more systematically how enforcement authorities are tackling REACH and CLP  in the UK and have set up an online survey to collate feedback.

To begin, CIA and REACHReady would like to determine the proportion of companies subjected to enforcement activities and whether there are regional variations in enforcement.  Hence, even a negative response is useful.  It is possible to respond repeatedly to the survey, which is not restricted to CIA member companies.

CIA and REACHReady look forward to your feedback and very much appreciate your help and support.

Access the survey at https://www.research.net/s/reachclpenforcement

Focus on Enforcement

For 6 weeks only, BIS is considering how enforcement can be reduced, improved or changed for the chemical industry.

The exercise is described at http://discuss.bis.gov.uk/focusonenforcement/ where it is also possible to leave comments.  Be alert for other feedback routes (Trade Associations and regional clusters) while BIS is in “listening-mode”.  The website also offers the chance to comment to BIS without your remarks being public.