TSB Innovation Vouchers

The Technology Strategy Board has announced the introduction of Innovation Vouchers in 2012 at:


the main page highlights space, built environment and agri-food (which includes: innovations in plant or animal breeding that deliver new or improved varieties or breeds; reducing the impact of disease on crop or animal production through innovation), but the following link:


at “Other Innovation Voucher Schemes” lists all the KTNs and Universities who currently offer Innovation Vouchers,  the amount of the voucher, who can apply, the areas it can be used for and a direct email link to the main contact at the organisation dealing with these vouchers.

Amounts vary, usually averaging £5000 but some with £10k, £12k and,  in Wales £25k!

4636 Chemical cutting of vinyl

A technology broker seeks a novel chemical solution for cutting  vinyl (and similar) for the printed signage industry.  The idea is to replace slower, more expensive blade cutting techniques with a chemical which can be dispensed through the printer head at the same time as the inks, to ‘etch’ through the top layer of vinyl but not cut through the backing layer (release liner).

Responses to  SORIS please.

Sustainable Manufacturing Mission to China

CIKTN offers a FULLY FUNDED technology mission for SMEs (and with funding available for larger companies). The mission will enable the UK’s innovative technology SMEs and other key companies to build effective business links with Chinese manufacturing industry in Ningbo, Shanghai and Tianjin.  There will be a select group of UK delegates for this high profile Mission and the agenda will be designed around their needs.

Contact Stephen.Hillier@ciktn.co.uk by the 31st Oct deadline to be involved.

Or register your interest at  http://chemistryinnovation.info/chemistryinnovationlz/lz.aspx?p1=050834S05&CC=&w=111