REACH Registration webinar

We are now a few weeks away from the second REACH registration deadline of May 31, 2013, which covers all phase-in substances manufactured or imported into the EU and above 100 tonnes per year.
European Union manufacturers and importers should be preparing now for this important milestone, in order to submit on time all the dossiers they need to continue their chemical business.

Remember: no registration means no market for your products

Thanks to the expertise gained from the first registration phase, ReachCentrum, a market leader in REACH support management, can help you with your registration, including your dossier submission as co-registrants and lead registrants.

ReachCentrum will help you complete your own Joint Submission dossier providing you with the in-depth knowledge of how to fill in the appropriate data in the correct way, as a personal tutoring.

Please join ReachCentrum for a complimentary webinar on 2013 Registration
on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 , 2 pm until 3 pm (presumably Brussels time)

Registration page is at:

Previous events have been highly regarded by REACH registration specialists: this one also could be very informative.