CJD about SORISSORIS began in 1980 and became part of CIRCE in July 2001. It is a non-profit organisation funded by chemical companies but also serving customers outside the industry.

SORIS’ mission is to obtain…information which subscribers cannot readily or easily obtain for themselves for reasons of time, cost or a company’s visibility in the market. SORIS is skilled at signposting the right expert for your problem.

Christopher Drew of SORIS read Natural Sciences, with a Part II in chemistry, researched in ceramics at GEC, and took a Master’s degree in solid state physics. He worked at Manchester Business School before joining Glaxo at Greenford. From production management at Barnard Castle, Mr Drew moved to the National Economic Development Office. At NEDO (a tri-partite think tank) he worked with various industries to improve their performance. Innovative outcomes included SORIS, restoration of patent life for pharmaceuticals, industry research clubs (MICROBATCH, BIOSEP and CACTUS anticipated Faradays by a decade!) and maker-user forums for the frank exchange of customers’ and suppliers’ views. He was also the NEDO biotechnology expert.SORISsign