Graphene – commercial potentials and challenges

IDTechEx Research is launching a special edition dedicated to graphene on its Printed Electronics World online journal.
For two consecutive weeks, you will read invited articles outlining the views of select industry and academic players about the commercial potential and challenges facing the emerging graphene industry. The selected players represent a broad cross-section of the industry, discussing aspects related to the entire industry, different production techniques and multiple products.

In this special edition of Printed Electronics World, you will hear about a range of issues, including (a) the need for an association body that can bring clarity to the market; (b) commercialisation challenges stemming from the rapid growth in patenting activity; (c) the need for, and methods of, changing the price and performance paradigm of composites using graphene; (d) the integration and manufacturing challenges involved in bringing graphene to products; (e) the progress with high-frequency electronics; (d) perspectives on the use of 2D graphene-like materials in composites; and (e) the emphasis on cost as a differentiation against carbon nanotubes.

The contributors to this special edition include Graphene Technologies, Grafen Industries Co, Angstron Materials, Vorbeck Materials, Graphene Laboratories, Xolve, AMO GmBH, GRAnPH Nanotech and the University of Cambridge. Many of these companies will be presenting at Graphene LIVE!

IDTechex  invites you to attend their Graphene LIVE! event, which takes place on 17 & 18 April in Berlin, to learn more, network and do business. Graphene LIVE! is a tradeshow and conference co-located alongside the Printed Electronics, Energy Harvesting and Supercapacitor events. Co-location benefits the graphene industry by bringing together the end users and suppliers.

Tomorrow The World

Not a new James Bond film, but the newly independent chemicals desk at UKTI.  This service, which has advised, helped and found funds for would-be exporters for many years, has spun out of UKTI.  About half of its time will be spent as a UKTI contractor (providing services as in the past).  The remaining time is now available to assist individual companies in more detail.

Please email SORIS for contact details for Tomorrow The World.

REACH and Continuity of Supply

SORIS is aware of fears that  some materials will become unavailable because suppliers do not register them under REACH.  SORIS also knows of SMEs keen to acquire new product lines.

30 years of chemical match-making suggests a need for brokerage – helped by the ECHA fee differential for large and small companies.

Interested parties (particularly those wanting to divest products) should contact Christopher Drew at SORIS for a confidential exploration of possibilities.  [This post will also be placed on LinkedIn discussions]

Maximising the value of your Intellectual property

A recent Materials KTN presentation offered a method for identifying and recording “intellectual capital” (i.e. more than patents and trademarks and including intangible items).
A case study showed how composites technology plus telemetry from F1 motor racing had combined in a lucrative opportunity supplying lockable manhole covers for the London Olympics.

Contact details available from SORIS.

COSHH Risk Assessments

COSHH365 is a software and Internet wizard to help companies with COSHH risk assessments. It is not a substitute for the judgement of a health & safety manager, but seems to offer a considerable lifting of the administrative burdens of that post. It also prepares consistent and visually arresting documents. Notably it works with CHIP and CLP.

Contact SORIS for further information/introductions.

Investment Finance

At Informex, SORIS met a Philadelphia based private equity company, looking for investment opportunities. They claim to differ from usual PE companies; have a much longer time horizon; have particular empathy with, and understanding of, the chemical industry; work with current owners instead of replacing them; and would welcome opportunities in UK.

If this could be of interest please contact SORIS for an introduction